Distilling in Virginia

The makers of distilled spirits in America come from a rich and varied history that is in many ways as colorful as the immigrants that make up our country’s vibrant tapestry of experiences. But of all the ways to imbibe in Virginia, none touch the essence of what it means to be an American quite like drinking the whiskey produced by an establishment highlighted on a Central Virginia Distillery Tour. So pour yourself a finger or two and indulge me as we take a trip through the history of Virginia Distilling, if you please!

Before taking a sip of that ole Virginia tipple, lets have a toast to one of our Distilling Forefathers, one of the great men who established a strong distilling tradition here in Virginia. We could toast to the Commonwealth’s most famous (and perhaps most profitable) of tippler’s, Mr. George Washington himself. He would certainly be an excellent choice- Mr. Washington was, after all, the biggest producer of Virginia hooch in his time, whose Mount Vernon stills were responsible for over 11,000 gallons of whiskey in the year 1798 alone! But may I be so presumptuous as to propose anther George worthy of a toast? Raise your glass high to the unsung hero of American distilling, George Thorpe!

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